Sunday, February 7, 2010

vOICe, day 3

Third training session with vOICe, today using artificial lighting. I can distinguish vertical bright lines and whether these lines occupy upper or lower part of vision field, e.g. I can tell that there is doorway (black rectangle with bright left-top-right borders). Also I can tell that I'm looking at cluttered scene, it gives melodic tones, e.g. my bookshelf has very distinctive la-la-la sound. Of course, it helps that I really know that I'm looking at, without this knowledge of my surroundings it would be much harder to tell that I "see". At the end of the session (~1 hour) I usually feel quite tired of all these sounds, it seems that brain needs rest to accumulate new information.
Conclusion so far - it is harder than I thought, nothing like "mental images" appears so far, I guess it's result of intensive training.

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