Saturday, February 6, 2010

vOICe, day 2

Another hour with vOICe, today in daylight. It meant that background was generally bright (and loud), making it harder to distinguish that I "see". Shades might have added another difficulties. For example, I was not able to distinguish doorways, because almost everything around them was bright. Nevertheless I tried to turn around few times to disorient myself and was able to more or less precisely establish my direction. It was easier in controlled settings, for example, I sat in front of bright wall and looked at my laptop (which is black), slowly raising or lowering it and listening to changes in sound. Generally X-axis is quite easy, it is much harder to get grasp of Y-axis, which is translated into pitch. If setting is simple, e.g. horizontal black laptop on bright background, pitch is constant along X-axis (time), but if laptop is turned 45 degrees, sound comes from lower to higher pitch and it becomes much more difficult to understand. Real cluttered scenes still seems completely meaningless. Another thing I tried was sitting in dark room and slowly opening doors, which gave bright line on dark background with very distinguishable sound. It was also possible to hear diagonal lines quite precisely.

I also changed the setup a little bit - instead of fixing webcam on bicycle helmet, I fixed it directly on forehead - it gave much better feeling of where I am looking.

Conclusion - I'm starting to get used to it, but still - nothing like "mental vision", although in some moments I had feeling that high sound in left ear corresponds to "something" in upper left side. And after taking off blindfolding glasses world seems so full of colors, so bright :)

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